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Supply Only Orders

We offer a complete Supply Only DIY Kit for three lawn types.

Pricing for all kits include: Synthetic Turf, Silica sand infill, turf pegs, cutting of your panels to size, delivery and weekend groomer hire.

V Long 35mm: $30 per m2
Green Oasis 35mm: $35 per m2 [European Yarn]

Please note this product is out of stock until the new shipmemt arrives late October 2019.
Latiano Green 33mm: $44 per m2 [Australian Made]

Our rolls come in 3.85m widths (Imported) & 3.71m widths (Australian), we supply ‘Off the roll’. To calculate how much you need please see the additional information at the bottom.

Artificial lawn must always be infilled with silica sand to protect your lawn investment, which is why we always supply OUR CUSTOMERS with 15-20kg of silica sand per m2 of area.

The sand serves the following purposes:
  • Maintains the ‘stand ability’ of the grass ­by providing support to the fibres at the base.
  • Weighs down the grass, to help prevent theft.
  • Keeps the grass cooler
  • Protects the grass from damage
  • Maintains the warranty and life of the lawn

A groomer is used by professional installers to brush the silica sand into the lawn and lift the turf fibres to complete the installation process.

Other items you will need to self-install artificial turf are:
  • Turf pegs: Included in Price (1 Pack of 50 Pegs per 25m2)
  • Joining tape: $3.5 per metre. (as required/varies)

We strongly recommend you install turf pegs at a minimum every 0.5m around the perimeter and along any joins, round up what you need to the nearest 50 and put extras in corners or along main thoroughfares.

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