Synthetic Grass Rolls Perth – Supply and Orders

To place an order, please provide the following Information:

  • Grass type
  • Length needed ‘off the roll’
  • Total m2 needed (length amount above x 3.85m/3.71m width)
  • No of Turf Peg Packets (50 per pack)
  • No of metres of Joining Tape
  • Delivery time requested (Friday pm or Saturday am)
  • Preferred payment method
  • Preferred method of invoice delivery (Email or Text)

Copy and paste the above and enter your order information in the link below:
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During busy Spring/Summer months we recommend placing an order 1-2 weeks before you are ready for the turf, so that we can book in the groomer for your use and ensure the stock is ready.


Upon order confirmation we will send you a Tax Invoice, we accept two payment methods:

Electronic Transfer:
Simply transfer using internet banking and use the Invoice number and your name as the narration. For this method we need to receive full payment by 5pm the day before delivery.

Cash on Delivery

How Much do I Need?

Firstly determine the way you’re going to lay the artificial lawn, if it’s a front verge, you lay it for ‘street appeal’. So if you visualise the 20m turf roll rolled out from the road towards your home, you would get the best view looking into the grass from the road. The length would be the measurement from the road kerb to where the grass stops. The width is measurement from left to right.

We can cut to size any length of grass, but the width is fixed at 3.85m/3.71m. Depending on your measurements you may have some excess left over. Similar to the offcuts you get when you carpet a house. See below for some uses for leftover grass.

In the back garden you lay the grass with the best view from where you’ll be looking at the grass most, generally from an alfresco or looking out of your windows.


Front verge
The distance from the road kerb to a small garden wall is 4.9m, as we always add 10cm for cutting in we mark this panel down as a 5m panel needed. For the width we note on one side we have a driveway and on the other side it meets up with the neighbours lawn. The measurement from our driveway to the neighbours lawn is 7m. We therefore need two panels of grass at 5.0m length. One panel is 3.85m wide, so two panels are 7.7m wide. There will be 5m x 0.7m piece left over on the second grass panel.

Actual area: 4.9m x 7m = 34.3m2

Turf Needed: 10m ‘off the roll’ = First panel (5m x 3.85m) + Second panel (5m x 3.85m) = 38.5m2

Rear lawn
The rear lawn length (from the house to back fence) is smaller on the left side than the right side (the garden isn’t square), therefore we have to measure the longest point for each panel. We start measuring at the right side (longer side) and work our way to the left side. Our first length is 3.0m, we note this down as a 3.1m panel. We then measure 3.85m from the right starting point towards the left side and mark a line in the sand, we measure this length at 2.7m, we note this down at 2.8m. Then from our line in the sand we measure another 3.85m across to the left and again measure the length, this time it has reduced to 2.3m, so we note this down as 2.4m. On this example our lawn width is 11.0m, so three panels is almost using up the total width of three panels (3.85*3=11.55). There will be 2.4m x 0.55m piece left over.

Actual area: First divide the 11m width by two to give 5.5m and then measure the length at the halfway point to give the average and times this by the 11m width. Let’s say its 2.6m x 11m = 28.6m2

­Turf Needed: Add three panels together (2.4m+2.8m+3.1m)=8.3m ‘off the roll’, so 8.3m x 3.85m = 32m2

Install guide: We will provide an install guide when dropping off the lawn and talk through any questions you have. If the base is prepared we’ll carry the panels to the lawn area.

*Minimum order quantity applies for free delivery.

Uses for Leftover Grass

Door mats, Dog Beds, Caravan mats, spa mats, storage area flooring and more.

Other DIY Installation Requirements:

75mm of base materials from your local soil yard

Compactor, leveling tools, square mouth shovel, tamp tool, hand trowel, carpet knife, Stanley knife, hammer.

Special attention should be given to levels, joins, cutting in, pegging and the even application of the silica sand.