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Artificial Grass Perth – Costs Breakdown

Artificial Grass Price Guide. What determines prices? How to know you’re getting not just the best price, but the best long term value Synthetic Turf in Perth.

Synthetic Grass Perth – How Much Does It Cost?

So you’ve arrived here looking for prices on Artificial grass in Perth, well we won’t disappoint. But you probably also want to know how to get the best value from your synthetic grass investment. Well here’s a few things to consider:

The Perth synthetic turf industry has grown very enormously over the last few years and there are now a large number of companies and individuals offering synthetic lawns / fake grass installation. With so many seemingly offering the same service and product it can be hard to see the wood for the trees. Going for the cheapest artificial grass prices has its downsides, and because of this, we aim to help you make an informed decision by sharing the top factors that affect all turf pricing.

3 Main Factors That Affect Synthetic Turf Pricing

  1. The product offered
  2. The installation/service given
  3. The businesses overheads/longevity.

Now I will explain each of these below.

Artificial Grass Options Are Better Than Ever

1. Synthetic Turf Product Prices

Artificial and synthetic grass prices in Perth
Artificial lawn and synthetic grass prices in Perth

Synthetic Turf is not unlike any other product; there will be cheaper products that use lower quality materials or less material (lower pile height, density, backing) and more expensive products using higher quality materials.

The country the grass is made in also affects price and quality.

Synthetic grass is manufactured worldwide, including in Holland, China and Australia. A reputable company will seek out partnerships with reputable manufacturers known for making good quality products from good quality materials.

Australian-made synthetic grasses are the best quality, safest, longest-lasting artificial grasses on the market. They come with a warranty backed by a manufacturer based here in Australia. Australian manufacturers, therefore, have a big incentive to ensure their products are built to last.

As only the highest quality materials go into Australian-made products, Artificial Grass prices are slightly higher than for imported synthetic turf prices—Australian synthetic grass costs around $10-$20 per mtr2 more than imported synthetic turfs. For example, an average size job with a non-Australian artificial grass might cost $3000. Upgrade to an Australian-made synthetic grass, and the figure could increase by $500-$1000. Synthetic turf is a long-term investment, and it can be a wise investment to pay a bit extra (20%-30%) for the peace of mind Australian Made synthetic turf provides.

Here at Simply Synthetic Turf in Perth, we have a range of Australian-made artificial grass and imported synthetic grass that has met our strict criteria for quality. We have an extensive range of imported synthetic grasses that use high-quality TENCATE GRASS yarns manufactured in the Netherlands. You can read more about this here.

Our Australian-made artificial grasses are priced just as competitively as our other synthetic turf products.

2. Artificial Grass Installation & Service Perth

Our artificial grass installation cuts no corners.

Not to save time.

And not to save on any materials.

All of our synthetic lawns are professionally installed as follows:

  • A thick 75mm blue metal dust base is levelled and compacted thoroughly, ensuring that the ground stays flat and no weeds penetrate through the grass over time.
  • A 65mm road base and 15mm blue metal dust base are always installed as standard, where cars or caravans may park at no extra charge.
  • The grass is expertly cut to ensure that grass sits perfectly against surrounding paved areas & the grass panels are carefully joined, securing a seamless look.
  • The grass is pinned down every 0.5m around the edges and along joins; where possible concrete nails are also used to ensure the grass is firmly held in place.
  • Lastly, a thick layer of silica sand is evenly infilled into the grass at a rate of 15-20kg per m2 and brushed in, ensuring an even feel underfoot and giving the grass an extra layer of protection against wear and tear.

We pride ourselves on giving you a friendly, knowledgeable service throughout the initial contact, installation and after-sales service.

And we strive to ensure you get the best landscaping design to suit your budget.

Lastly, we always check up with our customers after the job completion in order to ensure you’re completely happy with the final product.

3. Artificial Grass & Turf Longevity (Warranty!)

Bigger is not always better! Businesses that have large advertising budgets, extensive shop fronts, salespeople on commission, and use subcontractors will have to factor these costs into their Artificial Grass prices with little extra benefit passing to the customer.

However, whilst being lean is good, the popularity of Artificial grass has unfortunately brought out many unscrupulous installers who simply set up a business name and install low-quality imported grasses offering 7-year warranties with promises of 20+ year life expectancy.

Many ‘pop up’ installers will work ‘off the back of a ute’ and undercut reputable installation companies, but when their grasses start to inevitably shrink and fade or the base integrity starts to fail, these ‘businesses’ simply vanish. Warranties are only useful if the installer is still in business!

Choosing a business that has been operating for a number of years and has ‘put down roots’ is just as important when selecting a Perth synthetic turf installation company as choosing the right-looking grass.

This is to ensure the warranty is backed by a solid long-term business. You can check how long a business has been operating for and whether they are a sole trader or a company on the Australian Business Register.

At Simply Synthetic Turf, we think long term as do all our Perth clients (we can give you a list of completed artificial grass installations around Perth upon request).

Our artificial grass prices and synthetic lawn selections are meant to last.

To back this up we registered as a Company rather than a Sole Trader. We buy our artificial grass in bulk direct from two manufacturers we have set up a direct relationship with, and we’ve had a long-term lease on a warehouse since 2013.

  • You will find that artificial grass installers’ prices range from around $65 to $150 supplied and installed per square metre.
  • Our artificial grass prices range from around $80 to around $120* per m2, depending on which grass you choose, job requirements and size.

Keeping things small and lean at Simply Synthetic Turf, this lets us deliver such value at such prices, as well as a professional mobile service; we don’t employ salespeople on commission or subcontract out our work. All to ensure we can offer the best value prices in Perth on Artificial Grass Lawns. Most of our work comes through our website, leaflet drops and word of mouth.. no expensive marketing campaigns are needed here!

At Simply Synthetic Turf, we aim to be your ‘Middle Quote’

Out of 5 quotes, we are most often between the second and third cheapest. This allows us to source great quality grass from reputable manufacturers and provide you with a very thorough installation and service.

Why Contact Us for a Quote?

  • No Pressure Sales: We don’t use salespeople on commission. The Company owner does the quotes.
  • We think about every job from a long-term perspective, as though it was our garden we were installing.
  • Varied range of lawn types: Australian-made, Imported, long, short, and lawns with different look/feel.
  • Time Tested: Lawns, workmanship and knowledge, comes from experiences of being in business for ten years.

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