Can you get Artificial Lawn that looks like Real Lawn?

Yes, we have a few lawns that better blend in with Perth’s sun scorched lawns. Our most natural looking artificial lawns are most popular in front lawn areas where they are laid adjacent to a neighbours real lawn.

In backyards you have the discretion to choose a more green fertilised lawn look, but at the front you usually prefer your lawn to blend in to the streetscape.


How long will it last?

A: All artificial grass comes with a 7-12 year manufacturer’s warranty which we pass onto our customers, but in reality the life expectancy can be up to around 15 years.

This depends on the lawn choice and usage of the lawn. Note that there are some things to be aware of in terms of maintenance needs and some warranty exclusions apply.

Installing the artificial lawn in the right way as part of a low maintence garden makeover and by following the “little and often” approach to maintenance will ensure your lawn looks it’s best for years to come.

What negative things can happen to my artificial lawn after installation, and how can i reduce them happening?

A list of possible causes of unfavourable outcomes include: Weeds, Ant activity, Pet damage, Pet odour, Soakwells, Flattening, Reflective surfaces and Bore water staining.

For a detailed explanation, including ways to reduce or avoid these occurrences please click here.


Is all Synthetic Turf the same?

A. There are many types of Synthetic Turf on the market with lots of different prices, qualities and individual characteristics. There are Australian Made lawns and Imported Lawns, long and thick lawns and shorter budget lawns.

At Simply Synthetic Turf we offer Imported lawns and Australian Made lawns. We buy our lawn manufacturer direct so we source at lowest cost and have a direct relationship for warranty purposes. The prices of our lawns reflect the difference in the manufacturer’s price so you can be assured whatever lawn you choose you are getting the best price and value

How long have you been in the Artificial Grass Industry?

A. We started in traditional landscaping back in 2006, but made the change to the Artificial Grass industry in 2011, as the benefits became more well-known.

How does the cost compare to a real lawn?

A: On an average sized job of 50m2 on a brand new house you would typically pay around $1500 more upfront for artificial grass. This higher initial cost would be typically paid back within 3-4 years through reduced water bills and lawn mowing costs.

Is your synthetic grass astro-turf?

A: No. Unlike the old astro-turf, our artificial / synthetic grass has a lawn height of 30-40mm, multi-tone grass fibres and light brown curly fibres that all come together to give the look and feel of real grass.

What are the effects of the sun?

A: The synthetic grass fibres have a UV coating that protects the turf from the effects of the sun and the heat.

Will artificial lawn flatten in high traffic areas?

A. In high traffic areas or narrow regular walkways (for example a pathway to a shed) flattening of the grass may occur. Similar to when you buy an expensive plush carpet for your home, with a longer pile height, tread marks are more visible. You can expect the same from a longer plush artificial lawn.

More regular brushing may be required, or you may choose to have steppers in high traffic areas.

Shorter artificial lawns will show less imprints from regular traffic. However, many prefer the more natural look and ‘imperfection’ of a longer pile height lawn.

What maintenance is required?

A. With all artificial lawn maintenance is required. Firstly blow any leaves or debris off the lawn, walk around the perimeter of the lawn and spray any small weeds along the edges with weed-spray and finally give the lawn a brush over with a stiff broom into the grain of the lawn. This would typically be towards the house in the front yard and towards the back fence in the backyard.

For a comprehensive guide to maintenance please see here

Do we need to worry about drainage?

A: The turf has many drain holes all over the backing, water will seep through the turf and drain through the blue metal dust base. Whilst the base goes hard, water is still able to penetrate through. We also put a slight slope on the base towards garden beds to assist with drainage.

What about pets?

A: Just like real grass urine will drain through and evaporate and “larger” mess can be removed with a scooper and hosed as required. Through warmer summer months we recommend you hose over the grass periodically and if required you can apply a pet spray to refresh the lawn.

Why do Industry prices vary so much for artificial lawn?

A. Prices for supply and installation of Synthetic Turf in Perth can vary from around $50-$120 per m2. The price difference is affected by the cost of the type of lawn installed, installation materials used and the overheads of the business. The larger firms will often have to factor in sales commissions and big advertising budgets which can increase the price with little extra value.

At the other end of the scale, the “one man bands” who undercut reputable companies come with the risk of not being around if problems start to occur. At Simply Synthetic Turf we strike the balance of being invested in the future and keeping overheads low to provide the best long term value.

How do I check how long a business has been in business?

A. We recommend you check to make sure a business is registered on the Australian Government Business Register and choose a business that has been operating for at least around 5 years. This is because it will ensure you are choosing a business that has passed the initial test of staying in business and that their products and installation standards have been tested by time.

Check here: http://abr.business.gov.au/

Take note of the ‘From’ date of the business name not the ABN dates, as if it’s an individual not a company they may have an ABN from past business ventures or employment.

Can i lay artificial lawn on the council verge?

A. Before having artificial lawn installed, we advise customers to check with the council in your local area what the the policies and guidelines are.

Every council area in Perth has different requirements and regulations for the installation of artificial lawn on council verges (the area from the road to the post box generally).

Does Artificial lawn make sense from a financial perspective?

A. My general rule of thumb: If you plan to stay in your house for at least five years, you don’t have a bore, you pay a lawn mower man or you regularly maintain your own lawn (and place a value on your own time doing so), then investing in artificial lawn is generally a no brainer. It can also make sense if your planning to sell your house before then too. For a deeper analysis click here.