4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Australian Made Synthetic Grass

Did you know that the majority of artificial lawn installers out there don’t install Australian Made artificial grass, but instead install Chinese artificial lawn?

Synthetic turf has become much more popular for both residential and commercial use across Perth and Australia wide.

Unfortunately, in this segment of the market, there’s too often a race to the bottom on install prices. This leads to high pressure to cut the cost of materials that go into the lawn and installation. And that means Australian Made artificial grass is not used.

Should You Pay Above Industry Average For Artificial Lawn?

Better turf often means better installers. Australian made grass is a good indicator that a company’s installation methods are intended to last.

Australian made grass is often accompanied by a better-quality installation and a company with a long-term outlook (and therefore quality of workmanship is very important). It costs more, so it doesn’t appeal to artificial lawn installers who want to compete on being the lowest price.

When choosing a turf installer, the easiest way to greatly reduce the number of companies to consider is to only get a quote for Australian Made synthetic grass.

Approximately 10-20% of companies in Perth install Australian Made grass. This makes things easier and safer straight away.

If you get a quote from Simply Synthetic Turf you can expect to be paying in the top half of market prices in Perth.

Here is why:

  • Australian made synthetic grass costs more than Chinese lawn
  • Better quality and more materials used installation
  • We like to look at the job from a long term perspective and include extras in our quote that we think will improve the look of the overall job, or reduce future maintenance.

The saying you get what you pay for accurately describes artificial lawn pricing and the quality product you receive.

Prices quoted have to correlate with the quality turf lawn, plus the installation cost.

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4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Australian Made Artificial Grass

1. Not All Types Of Synthetic Turf Are Created Equal

Comparing foreign made turf to Australian made turf, Asian grass may not be held to the same production requirements resulting in an artificial turf that is not safe or environmentally friendly.

When you’re researching your options, you’ll encounter the Australian Made Synthetic Grass option. If you look at the downsides to buying foreign-made products, especially when it comes to artificial grass, this becomes an important choice.

2. Australian Made Grass Lasts Longer

It’s important to remember that synthetic grass is not just a piece of fabric. It’s a multi-layered system that’s created using a variety of materials. While some may use lower-grade materials, others may use better-quality products that will last longer.

The materials used in an Australian-made synthetic lawn will consistently last longer than those used in other synthetic grasses. If you’re worried about it wearing out too quickly, you never know when it might be time to upgrade.

3. Installing Aussie-Made Turf Supports Local Jobs

With many synthetic grass brands manufactured overseas, buying a foreign made turf such as Chinese artificial grass will keep money in other countries.

When you buy Australian made synthetic grass, you’re supporting jobs in your own backyard and help keep more money in the Australian economy.

4. Guaranteed Safe & Environmentally Friendly Materials

If you’re worried about the potential health or environmental dangers associated with foreign-made synthetic grass, then an Australian made artificial grass is your best choice.

While many synthetic grass brands use safe and eco-friendly materials, it’s difficult to know exactly which ones are being used.

With an Australian turf brand, you can rest assured that the materials are safe and environmentally friendly.

Get Australian Made Synthetic Turf Installed By Only The Best Perth Turf Installers

Do you want to feel comfortable getting just one quote for a good quality Australian made synthetic grass in Perth?

And do you want the artificial turf installed with workmanship that pays the highest attention to detail?

If you are after the following, we can help:

  • You would like only quality Australian made lawn.
  • You are looking for a thorough artificial grass installation, which includes making adjustments specific to your garden.
  • You would like a friendly, interactive, and professional home quote visit where you can properly compare the different lawns.
  • You appreciate having the same person who quotes, to also be part of the installation team.
  • You want a quote that’s justifiably above the industry average.

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Wrapping Up: The Best Turf is Australian Made Turf

When you purchase Australian Made turf you are helping employ Australians. Australian Made Grass is the best artificial turf choice because it’s guaranteed to use eco-friendly materials and will look better for a longer period of time, and supports local jobs.

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