Artificial Turf Perth

Artificial Turf in Perth

The growth of Artificial turf in Perth over the last few years has been massive, it’s no surprise when you consider the many benefits of Artificial turf in our hot Perth climate.

Our summers are getting longer and hotter, traditional turf is requiring more and more water to keep the lawn from dying off. Unfortunately applying more water is simply not practical as water bills and restrictions continue to increase.

There’s also been a trend in Perth towards smaller blocks, which has made artificial turf more economical as installing artificial turf removes the need for extension reticulation, connection to water metres and hard wiring of reticulation controllers. Instead individual mini sprays can be used for each plant and be run off a tap timer, saving precious money and water.

Many new home builders in Perth are choosing limestone or exposed aggregate driveways & pathways throughout, complemented by an artificial turf lawn and low maintenance gardens. The trend is towards low maintenance, tidy, useable areas for entertaining and relaxing.

Simply Synthetic Turf offers can offer a competitive quote for your whole landscape package. Our services include installing Artificial Turf, Formboss metal garden edging, continuous concrete kerbing, reticulation, plants, weedmat & stones and can also arrange professional installation of poured limestone and exposed aggregate.

Wherever you’re located in Perth, call Simply Synthetic Turf today and book in your free Artificial turf quotation at a time that suits you 0432 359 339.