Artificial Grass Canning Vale

Artificial Grass in Canningvale

Canningvale has proven to be a hot spot for our artificial grass installation team. Drive around Canningvale, Piara Waters, Harrisdale or Southern River and your sure to pass one of our artificial lawns sooner or later!

Check out our Perth Artificial Grass Price Guide here

When you consider the benefits of artificial lawns you can see why:

  • Set and forget nature of artificial lawn, once installed very little maintenance is required. Just the occasional brush to remove fallen leaves is usually all that’s required!
  • No ongoing costs, no watering, fertilizing, or mowing contractor to pay!
  • Year round clean and pristine appeal to friends and neighbors; no unsightly weeds or yellow grass to worry about!

So wherever you’re located in Canningvale, give us a call today for a great price on your new synthetic lawn.

Don’t forget we also very competitive on any other landscaping works you need done whilst we’re installing your artificial lawn. We can install metal edging, continous concrete kerbing, reticulation, plants, weedmat, stones and mulch.

Any earthworks required? – We can arrange that for you too, be it hand dig, bobcat or dingo, depending on access we will quote you on the cheaper of the three.

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