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Does Artificial Lawn make sense from a financial perspective?

Artificial lawn fulfills a utilitarian purpose (it reduces effort and time spent maintaining your lawn) and it also fulfills a hedonic purpose (its nice to look out onto or see as you pull into your driveway). But how do the financials stack up?

If most of the following apply its probably a worthwhile investment:

  •  You plan to live in your house for around five years or more
  •  You don’t have a bore
  •  You pay a lawn mower man or regularly maintain your own lawn (and place a value on your own time in doing so)
  •  You plan to rent out your home in the future

For example, here’s some possible costs on an average lawn:

Maintenance = 800 per year

Watering = 300 per year

Fertilising = 100 per year

Total = 1200 per year

Total over 5 years = 6000

On top of this, artificial lawn can also increase the value of the property.

For a more detailed analysis please keep reading, or request a free quote.



Everyone’s situation is different so some costs and benefits below may or may not apply to you:

Lawn mowing contractor $40 * 20 per year = $800. But what if I maintain my own lawn I hear you ask? If you do, don’t you consider your own time worth around $40 for the hour or so spent mowing, whipper snipping and tidying up your lawn?

Fertilising/top dressing = $100-$200. An artificial lawn always looks healthy. For a like for like comparison,  we make an allowance for keeping your real lawn healthy even if you don’t currently fertilise.

Watering = $200-$400. The water corp says almost 50% of average water use charges is for garden water use. If you have a bore disregard this cost.

Increase in house value = ?. Depending on the suburb and housing market it could be anywhere from adding no value to adding the full cost of the lawn. Kerb appeal could also help the house sell quicker, potentially reducing holding costs or the need to consider low offers.

Simple pleasure value = ?. What value can you put on having a nice lawn to look at, entertain next to or watch  your children/pets playing on?

Renting out your property = ?. Two factors to consider. Vacancy period and rental yield.

Tenants prefer low maintenance gardens, they don’t want to get in trouble at rent inspection time because the lawns dying or full of weeds. A good tenant may pay $10-$20 a week more over a comparable property if they like the gardens. That adds up to potentially $2500-$5000 over a 5 year period.

How often do tenants change over a 5 year period? Let’s say 2-3 times? If the property lies vacant for just one week less because of the appeal of the gardens that’s one extra week’s rent earnt. $400?

Please contact Matthew Branson if you have any questions.